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Our rates are flexible and just like our business solutions, tailored to each clients' individual requirements.  Our goal is to help your business thrive through empowerment of your staff

At Believe Business Consultancy, we take a flexible approach. We provide a variety of different payment options to suit your specific project or business needs. Below are the most popular payment options, however we are always happy to consider any proposals that you may have.


Pay as you go

Simple - you pay per each hour that is worked on your client needs, whether that be general HR advice; drafting a letter, preparing a policy or procedure or attending consultations on site.

Training and leadership is charged per day or half day.


We are happy to consider putting packages together or one off payment options for certain projects. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss how we can best work to accommodate your needs.


We can offer retained services based upon volume of work at a potentially discounted rate.


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